Ridgewood NJ Man Accused of Sex CrimeA Ridgewood New Jersey man has been charged with numerous sex crimes after allegedly kissing and touching several female softball players at a New York college.

Prosecutors said that the suspect, a 43-year-old man who coached the girls softball team at Nyack College in South Nyack NY, inappropriately touched and kissed several players. The sexual contact reportedly involved touching of the breasts and buttocks. Moreover, prosecutors said, the sexual contact was not consensual.

Officials discovered the alleged sexual misconduct during a “player disciplinary situation” while the team was on a trip to Arizona.

When multiple parents lodged complaints against the suspect, the college fired him as the softball coach.

The school notified NY authorities, prompting an official police investigation into the suspect’s alleged sexual offenses. Police then conducted a number of interviews with the players on the softball team.

After investigators spoke with the alleged victims and gathered enough information to support the allegations, they placed the suspect under arrest.

The suspect has been charged with 44 counts of forcible touching, 49 counts of harassment, and one count of sexual abuse. The sexual abuse reportedly involved 13 players who ranged in age from 18 to 23.

Another player on the softball team recently came forward with similar allegations of sexual misconduct by the suspect. As a result, authorities filed six additional charges against the suspect.

The suspect appeared in a New York court for his arraignment, during which he pleaded not guilty plea. He will be required to make his next appearance in the New York court on May 11.

While the case is pending, the victims have bene granted protective orders against the suspect.

For additional information about this case, check out the NJ.com article entitled “More Charges Filed Against Ridgewood Man Accused of Kissing Players He Coached, Report Says.”