Garfield NJ Drug Distribution SuspectsTwo Paterson NJ men were recently arrested for selling Molly to undercover officers during undercover sting operations in Garfield, New Jersey.

According to law enforcement, the arrests were made as a result of undercover operations conducted by detectives with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotic Task Force.

On one occasion, a detective with the task force allegedly bought 30 grams of Molly from a 28-year-old suspect in Garfield. On another occasion, a different undercover officer allegedly purchased 120 grams of Molly from the same suspect.

Authorities later seized the drugs involved in the transactions. Authorities believe that the drugs have a street value of roughly $5,000.

At some point during the investigation, police learned that another person had a major role in the illegal drug sales; the 23-year-old man was reportedly waiting around in a car nearby while the other suspect sold the Molly.

According to Bergen County prosecutors, the 23-year-old suspect was “an integral part of the narcotics transaction.”

The 28-year-old suspect was charged with distributing Molly. The 23-year-old suspect was also charged with distribution of Molly because police believe he was a co-conspirator.

After being arrested and processed, the suspects were transported to the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack, NJ. They are each being held at the jail on separate $75,000 bail amounts.

For additional information about this case, check out the article entitled “2 Charged in Undercover ‘Molly’ Deal, Bergen Prosecutor Says.”