Ridgefield Park NJ Luring LawyersRidgefield Park NJ police are looking into a “suspicious incident” that involved an unidentified man who followed two juveniles on a local street.

According to authorities, the two minors were on their way home from school when they were approached by a man in a car. The man got out of his vehicle as the children walked south on Hudson Avenue in Ridgefield Park, NJ.

The kids later spoke with police and said that the man followed them on foot, walking in the same direction for two blocks before they entered a private home. The man then stopped and reportedly watched the house for some period of time.

The man eventually got back into his vehicle, a four-door sedan, and left the area.

At no point during the incident did the man make physical contact with the kids or make any verbal gestures toward them. Nonetheless the children found the entire incident disturbing enough to notify local law enforcement.

The kids provided Ridgefield Park detectives with a detailed description of the man. According to the minors, the man is a Hispanic male who is in his early 30s and who stands approximately 5-feet tall. He reportedly has a stocky build. At the time of the suspicious incident, the man was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans, with a black hat on his head and sunglasses covering his eyes.

The Ridgefield Park Police Department is investigating the suspicious incident. Ridgefield Park NJ detectives said that they only want to speak with the man and that there are no criminal charges for luring or any other sex crime pending.

Anyone with information about the man or the suspicious incident should get in touch with Ridgefield Park NJ investigators at 201-641-6400.

For additional information about this case, check out the NJ.com article entitled “Police Probe Reported ‘Suspicious Incident’ in Ridgefield Park.”