Englewood NJ Aggravated Assault SuspectAn Englewood NJ man recently pleaded guilty to aggravated assault charges for the violent, non-fatal stabbing of his roommate.

According to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, the 23-year-old suspect became embroiled in a verbal altercation with the 27-year-old victim on August 21, 2014. The incident occurred at a residence located on West Palisade Avenue in Englewood, NJ.

The victim later told police that he and the suspect got into the argument because of a “household issue.”

When the verbal altercation turned physical, the suspect allegedly grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim in the heart. The victim sustained a puncture wound to his heart as a result of the assault.

EMT personnel rushed to the scene and treated the victim, who was then taken to a nearby hospital. Once the victim arrived at the medical facility, he underwent emergency surgery.

Meanwhile, the suspect reportedly ran from the scene shortly after the attack. Englewood NJ police officers were able to track down the suspect and arrest him.

The suspect initially faced charges for a number of crimes, including attempted murder, unlawful possession of a weapon, and aggravated assault.

Now the suspect is set for prison time after reaching a plea deal with Bergen County prosecutors. The terms of the plea agreement call for the suspect to enter a guilty plea on the aggravated assault charges. In exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors will drop the more serious charges and recommend that the suspect be sentenced to six years in New Jersey State Prison.

The suspect will have to make an appearance in Bergen County Superior Court, located in Hackensack, so that he can be formally sentenced by a superior court judge.

The suspect might also be subject to deportation after he serves his sentence because he is said to be an illegal immigrant from El Salvador.

For additional information about this case, see the NJ.com article, “N.J. Man Admits Stabbing Housemate in Heart, Report Says.”