Bergen County Restraining Order LawyersA man who previously resided in Bergen County was the victim of a brutal homicide in North Carolina.

Now police have revealed that the victim had tried to obtain a permanent restraining order against the suspect, who lived next door to the victim and his family. The no-contact order indicated that the suspect had come onto the victim’s property and threatened him with a gun. The suspect was also accused of sending threatening texts and making multiple phone calls to the victim.

A North Carolina judge granted the temporary restraining order but later dismissed the final restraining order request because, he said, the victim “failed to prove grounds for issuance of a no-contact order.”

Just one day later, the suspect reportedly broke into the victim’s house and murdered the victim, the victim’s wife, and the victim’s mother.

NC prosecutors said that the suspect was angry over a failed business venture between him and the victim. Apparently, the two of them had run a landscaping business together.

The suspect faces criminal charges for three counts of first degree murder. If he is ultimately convicted of homicide, he could end up spending the rest of his life behind bars. It is also possible that the suspect could receive the death penalty if convicted of first degree murder in North Carolina.

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