Lodi NJ Theft by Deception ChargesA Lodi NJ woman was arrested and charged with stealing $75,000 while managing the payroll of a charter school in Paterson, New Jersey.

According to Passaic County prosecutors, the suspect was able to divert funds from the payroll of the Community Charter School, which is located in Paterson, NJ. The 51-year-old suspect served as the school’s Chief Operating Officer, giving her easy access to the school’s payroll accounts.

The suspect allegedly committed the thefts across 2014 and 2015, diverting $75,000 from the school and then using the stolen cash “for her personal benefit.”

Passaic County law enforcement looked into the alleged thefts and eventually determined that enough evidence existed to arrest the suspect.

The suspect, who resides in Lodi, New Jersey, was later placed under arrest and charged with theft by deception.

If the suspect is convicted of theft, she would be subject to severe penalties. As set forth by N.J.S.A. 2C:20-4, a person who steals $75,000 or more can be charged with a second degree crime. A conviction on second degree theft by deception charges could result in a sentence of 5-10 years in New Jersey State Prison.

Beyond that, the suspect would probably be required to pay restitution to the victims if she is ultimately convicted.

After being arrested and processed, the suspect secured her release from police custody by posting bail. The next step in the legal process is a potential grand jury indictment.

To learn more about this case, view the Patch.com article, “Bergen Woman Accused of Stealing $75K from Paterson Charter School.”