New Milford NJ Murder ConvictionA man convicted of kidnapping and then brutally killing a New Milford NJ woman is going to stay in prison after his parole was denied for a sixth time.

Christopher Righetti kidnapped the 20-year-old victim from the Paramus Park Shopping Center on August 31, 1976. He then raped her before stabbing her with a knife and killing her. Righetti stabbed the victim six times, with the stab wounds ultimately causing the victim’s death.

Paramus NJ police investigated the homicide and eventually linked Righetti to the murder by tracing his purchase of the knife to a hardware store located in Paramus, NJ.

Righetti is now 56 years old. He has spent several decades behind bars in Northern State Prison in Newark NJ. During that time, Righetti has come up for parole six times. However, each time a New Jersey state parole board has denied his parole and stated that he should not be released from prison.

Righetti came up for parole just three years ago and was recently up for parole again because of a loophole in that law that allows early release for prisoners who receive credits in prison. The legal loophole has since been closed by the NJ state legislature.

At Righetti’s most recent parole hearing, the victim’s brother stated that he believed Righetti would commit more murders if he was ever released from prison.

After his latest parole bid was denied, Righetti returned to prison. He will remain behind bars on a life sentence that he received for the homicide.

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