Assault Charges for Cliffside Park ManA suspect who was captured in Cliffside Park NJ last month has entered a plea of “not guilty” to aggravated assault charges stemming from a fatal explosion at a residence in The Bronx, New York.

The tragic incident went down at a home in The Bronx, NY. Several NYPD officers and New York City firefighters had gone to the residence after authorities received multiple reports of a gas odor coming from the house. When firefighters approached the door to the house, the suspect reportedly ran out of the residence and fled the area on foot. Only a few moments passed before the home suddenly exploded. Debris flew out of the residence and struck a New York City Battalion fire chief, who later died as a result of his injuries.

Authorities conducted a detailed investigation into the explosion. During the course of the investigation, law enforcement reportedly learned that the Bronx home was being used as a marijuana growing facility. Investigators also linked the 34-year-old suspect to the residence.

Police eventually found the suspect in Cliffside Park, New Jersey and placed him under arrest. He was subsequently charged with aggravated assault in connection with the explosion.

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