Fort Lee Aggravated Assault LawyersPolice officers recently captured three New York men who allegedly committed a violent assault during a robbery in Fort Lee, NJ.

The attack went down shortly before 12:00 p.m. The Fort Lee Police Department got a call from the victim, who told the dispatcher that he was traveling in a motor vehicle with the three suspects and headed from Englewood to New York when the suspects started to punch and kick him. The suspects then allegedly ordered him to give them his cash.

Even after the victim exited the vehicle, the suspects reportedly continued to assault him. According to law enforcement officials, the suspects stole the victim’s jacket, a couple of cell phones, and $320 in cash and then drove away from the scene.

Afterwards, the suspects reportedly tried to make it back to New York, where they reside. Fort Lee NJ police officers later stopped the suspects as they were crossing the George Washington Bridge on the New York side.

The suspects were identified as a 21-year-old Brooklyn NY male, a 21-year-old Bronx NY male, and a 24-year-old Manhattan male.

The three suspects are being held in police custody in NYC. They will soon be extradited back to Fort Lee in Bergen County so that they can answer the robbery and assault charges against them.

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