Paramus NJ Marijuana Distribution SuspectPolice officers recently carried out a major drug bust and allegedly seized a large quantity of marijuana traveling through Bergen County, New Jersey. The marijuana shipment that was seized by law enforcement reportedly had a street resale value in excess of $750,000.

Several law enforcement agencies, including the New Jersey State Police and the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office, began an investigation after learning about a shipment of marijuana headed to a storage facility located in Clifton, NJ.

Detectives reportedly saw a box truck being used to deliver the illegal drugs from Bergen County to Passaic County, NJ. While following the box truck as it traveled along Route 17 in Paramus NJ, detectives spotted a Mercedes-Benz SUV driving near the truck.

Police officers stopped both vehicles on the highway and reportedly noticed that the driver of the SUV appeared to be trying to hide an item under his clothing.

When the driver exited the SUV, he allegedly dropped a cell phone to the ground. Later, while officers were detaining and handcuffing him, he allegedly attempted to resist arrest.

During searches of both vehicles, detectives reportedly found three wooden crates. The crates were allegedly filled with 250 pounds of pot, in addition to 88 vials of liquid THC.

Both suspects have been charged with multiple drug crimes, including possession of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

The two suspects were remanded to the Passaic County Jail on massive bail amounts that exceeded $200,000.

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