Bergen County Burglary AttorneysBergen County police recently issued a warning to residents of Hackensack and other Bergen County towns about a Florida gang that is burglarizing cars.

According to Bergen County prosecutors, the suspects are based out of South Florida and used rental cars to travel to New Jersey. Once in NJ, the suspects began targeting motor vehicles parked outside gyms, daycare centers, and other facilities across Bergen County.

The group has been dubbed the “Felony Lane Gang.” They typically break into the cars and steal purses that have been left behind and that contain ID cards and financial documents.

Once the suspects have access to the victims’ personal information, they go to banks and withdraw cash. The suspects also allegedly use the victims’ credit cards to charge high-dollar purchases at stores and over the Internet.

When necessary, the suspects reportedly use prostitutes and drug addicts to impersonate the victims and withdraw large sums of money.

According to authorities, the gang has gotten away with millions of dollars as a result of the burglaries and thefts.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office recently warned North Jersey residents about the Felony Lane Gang in a post on Facebook. Authorities have asked that anyone who parks a car on the street remove their purses, wallets, electronics, and other valuable possessions before leaving the car unattended.

Additionally, law enforcement has requested that any members of the public with information about the car burglaries get in touch with local police departments.

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