Bergen County NJ Shoplifting ChargesPolice officers captured a Bergen County New Jersey man who was allegedly among a trio of people who stole baby formula from a CVS located in Rockland County, NY.

The suspects allegedly committed the theft offense at a CVS in Montebello, New York. The suspect was one of three people who reportedly conspired to shoplift from the store.

Shortly after the alleged theft, local cops happened to notice a car driving erratically and cutting off two other cars on the road. The police officers pulled over the vehicle and spoke to the driver. That’s when the cops reportedly saw a CVS shopping cart and seven canisters of baby formula inside the car.

Police then arrested both the vehicle driver and the vehicle passenger. They were subsequently charged with possession of stolen property.

The two suspects who were placed under arrest are from Rutherford and West Milford, New Jersey. However, a third suspect in the CVS theft remained at large. Police eventually located him in Suffern, NY. A cop’s license plate reader picked up the suspect’s car as it drove by on Lafayette Avenue in Suffern, New York. The officer ran a check on the motor vehicle and learned that it was registered to the suspect. The suspect was stopped, placed under arrest, and charged with possession of stolen property.

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