Theft Charges in New Milford NJNew Milford police are trying to find a man who allegedly impersonated a cop while attempting to commit a theft.

The theft incident was reported a short time before 9:00 p.m. According to law enforcement officials, the suspect drove a black Chevy Tahoe or Suburban on River Road in New Milford and pulled over another motor vehicle.

After stopped the other car, the suspect reportedly told the driver that he was a cop and that he needed the driver’s license and registration. The suspect also allegedly said that the motorist had a traffic summons for an unpaid ticket.

According to authorities, the suspect conveniently gave the victim an opportunity to pay the fine in cash on the spot. When the victim declined, the suspect returned to his motor vehicle and left the area.

Detectives with the New Milford Police Department are currently investigating the theft offense incident and attempting to determine the suspect’s identity. Police released a sketch indicating that the suspect is a male in his mid to late 20s.

If police can capture the suspect, he would likely be subject to criminal charges that include theft of movable property.

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