Lyndhurst New Jersey Theft ChargesAn East Rutherford New Jersey man allegedly burglarized a church located in Lyndhurst, NJ.

The suspect reportedly committed the burglary by breaking into St. Michael’s Church in Lyndhurst, NJ. According to law enforcement officials, the suspect waited on a balcony outside the church. The suspect allegedly stood on the balcony for a number of hours before everyone inside left the building.

The suspect eventually entered the church, according to authorities, and broke open five different donation boxes so that he could steal cash. It is unclear at this time how much money went missing from the church donation boxes.

Church officials showed up the following morning and noticed the break-in. They alerted local police, which launched an investigation. Lyndhurst NJ detectives got video surveillance footage that reportedly shows the suspect hiding on the church balcony before going inside the building.

Lyndhurst NJ cops found the suspect riding a bicycle on Grant Avenue in Lyndhurst, NJ. When the suspect saw the officers, he allegedly tried to flee the scene and ran inside a Rite-Aid pharmacy. The police officers chased down the suspect and placed him under arrest.

The suspect is a 34-year-old man from East Rutherford, New Jersey. He has been charged with numerous crimes, including burglary, theft of movable property, criminal mischief, eluding police, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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