Ridgewood NJ Theft LawyersThe Ridgewood Police Department is warning local residents about a parking ticket scam that involves online credit card payments.

According to law enforcement officials, someone is trying to steal from Ridgewood residents by tricking them into believing that they owe money for parking tickets and that payments should be made over the Internet. The scammers allegedly send emails asking recipients to click on a link and provide their personal credit card information when paying traffic tickets. The email fraudulently claims that the sender is the Ridgewood Police Department Parking Citation Revenue Unit.

There have been several reports of people in Ridgewood NJ being victimized by the fraud scheme.

Now Ridgewood police have asked people in the borough to exercise caution when receiving an email that asks them to provide credit card information and other personal information. Additionally, Ridgewood residents should know that law enforcement will never send a traffic summons via email; summonses are send through standard mail.

Anyone with information about the parking ticket scam should contact Ridgewood NJ detectives at 201-652-3900.

For more information about this case, see the NJ.com article, “North Jersey Police Warn of Parking Ticket Scam.”