Bergen County NJ Threat Crime LawyersPolice recently evacuated multiple Bergen County facilities after getting bomb threats.

The first threatening call was received around 10:00 a.m. The Bergen County Justice Center in Hackensack and Bergen Community College in Paramus were said to be the targets.

As soon as authorities learned about the bomb threats, police officers were dispatched to the sites so that they could evacuate the buildings and make sure that no one got hurt.

At least three buildings were evacuated, including the Bergen County courthouse, Bergen Community College, and a Bergen County NJ administrative building.

A spokesperson with the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office later issued a statement and indicated that police officers and bomb squads conducted sweeps of the buildings before anyone was allowed back inside. According to law enforcement officials, bomb squads found no bombs or bomb-making materials at any of the locations.

Detectives with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office are currently investigating the situation and trying to determine the identity of the person who reportedly called in the threats. The person responsible could potentially be arrested and charged with crimes such as terroristic threats and making a false public alarm.

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