Carlstadt New Jersey Theft AttorneysCarlstadt NJ cops arrested two men accused of stealing expensive food products from a warehouse.

One of the suspects is the owner of Kristian Trucking Inc., while the other suspect is an employee of the delivery business. According to Bergen County prosecutors, the suspects were hired by a Carlstadt food distributor to deliver salmon, cheese, and sugar from a warehouse on 16th Street in Carlstadt, NJ.

The suspects allegedly picked up the food items from the Carlstadt building on January 24 and loaded them onto a delivery truck. However, the suspects also allegedly took additional food items.

Someone noticed the missing food products and dialed 911 to notify the Carlstadt Police Department. Carlstadt NJ police officers investigated the alleged theft crime and reportedly found out that the suspects stole $8K worth of food. Beyond that, the suspects allegedly tried to leave several boxes of stolen food on the side of the road before police stopped their vehicle.

The two suspects face charges for multiple crimes, including theft of movable property and money laundering.

Moreover, the delivery truck allegedly used to commit the theft offense is now subject to civil forfeiture.

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