South Hackensack Domestic Violence ChargesThe ex-police commissioner in South Hackensack NJ will no longer have to answer domestic violence charges after his wife asked a court to dismiss the charges.

The suspect, a 52-year-old South Hackensack NJ resident, previously served as the South Hackensack Township police commissioner. He was replaced in the position in February 2017 due to a perceived conflict of interest.

The suspect was accused of assaulting his wife in January 2017, prompting police officers to place him under arrest. The suspect reportedly grabbed his wife by the arms and pulled her to the ground. According to authorities, the victim suffered injuries to her arms and knees as a result of the attack.

The suspect was charged with simple assault. Additionally, he was charged with domestic violence, meaning that he would be subject to a restraining order.

However, the restraining order charges were ultimately dismissed.

In NJ, a restraining order cannot be dismissed just because the alleged victim wants the charges dropped. That’s why the suspect and his spouse needed to appear in Bergen Municipal Court, Family Division. In court, the wife answered the judge’s questions and said that she is not afraid of living with the suspect. The judge ultimately signed off on the dismissal of the domestic violence charges.

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