Little Ferry NJ Drug ChargesFour members of a family in Little Ferry NJ were recently arrested and charged with prescription drug offenses.

The suspects are a 56-year-old Little Ferry NJ woman and her three adult kids. The kids include a 38-year-old male, a 34-year-old male, and a 21-year-old female.

According to Bergen County prosecutors, the suspects distributed Oxycodone throughout Little Ferry, New Jersey.

Detectives with the Little Ferry Police Department and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office investigated the suspects for a couple of months after getting reports of illegal drug sales. Investigators reportedly learned that the mother obtained Oxycodone pills through a valid prescription and then used her children to illegally distribute the prescription drugs.

Little Ferry NJ police officers arrested three of the suspects – the three kids – while they were allegedly in the process of selling 55 Oxycodone pills outside their home.

The mom was placed under arrest later that day.

After being arrested and charged, the suspects were released from police custody. They will need to appear in court on May 17 to address the very serious criminal charges against them.

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