Fort Lee NJ Robbery AttorneysA NY man recently reached a plea agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and entered a guilty plea on armed robbery charges involving a theft incident at a bank in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The bank robbery happened on January 20, 2017. According to Bergen County authorities, the suspect entered the Bank of New Jersey sometime during business hours and approached a bank employee.

The suspect allegedly spoke to the bank employee for a moment and then handed the worker a note. The handwritten note allegedly demanded an unspecified amount of money and threatened that the suspect would use a gun to shoot the worker unless he gave him the cash.

Fort Lee NJ detectives later investigated the robbery and eventually located and apprehended the suspect.

The suspect was charged with a number of crimes, including first degree armed robbery. First degree felonies in New Jersey carry a potential sentence of 20 years in NJ State Prison. However, since the suspect reached a plea deal with prosecutors, it is expected that he will receive a more lenient penalty when he makes an appearance in US District Court in Newark.

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