Palisades Park NJ Stalking SuspectPalisades Park NJ law enforcement is looking for a man accused of stalking a female and breaking into her house.

The burglary incident occurred a short time after 5:00 a.m. on June 18, 2017. According to law enforcement officials, the suspect illegally entered a home on Fourth Street in Palisades Park, New Jersey.

Once the suspect had entered the residence, he allegedly walked into the victim’s bedroom and got into bed with her. He then reportedly shook the victim and asked her if he could spend the night with her.

The victim reportedly screamed, prompting the suspect to exit the house and flee the neighborhood on foot.

Detectives with the Palisades Park Police Department are actively investigating the burglary and attempting to figure out the identity of the suspect. Police have described the suspect as a man in his 20s and standing roughly 5-feet-10-inches tall.

Palisades Park investigators said that the suspect might be a serial stalker who has targeted multiple women in other parts of Bergen County, NJ.

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