Fort Lee Traffic LawyersA Newark, NJ man allegedly failed to pay $88,000 in tolls and fees. According to law enforcement officials, the suspect committed the traffic violations when he used the George Washington Bridge toll plaza in Fort Lee, NJ numerous times without paying the required tolls.

The suspect is a 60-year-old man from Newark in Essex County, NJ. He was pulled over by Port Authority police officers after they reportedly observed him use an E-ZPass lane at the GW Bridge without showing an active E-ZPass in his car.

When police ran a computer check on the suspect, they discovered that his E-ZPass was no longer valid. The computer check by police also reportedly indicated that the suspect had 1,510 toll violations totaling approximately $88K in unpaid tolls and fees. Around half of those toll violations allegedly happened at Port Authority crossings, while the other half reportedly happened on the NJ Turnpike.

The suspect was arrested by Port Authority cops and charged with theft of service and toll evasion.

After the suspect was placed under arrest, his motor vehicle was impounded by police.

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