Hackensack Sex Crime SuspectA Newark, NJ woman will be spending time behind bars after reaching a deal with prosecutors and pleading guilty to human trafficking charges in Bergen County, NJ.

The suspect is a 29-year-old female from Newark in Essex County, NJ. According to Bergen County law enforcement officials, the suspect was part of a prostitution ring that placed a 16-year-old girl into “sexual slavery.” The illegal prostitution operation was run out of North Jersey.

The young victim was reported missing out of Brooklyn, NY. Police later found her working as an escort for the NJ prostitution business.

Prosecutors said that the suspect threatened to harm the underage victim unless she engaged in prostitution and had sex with clients in exchange for money.

The suspect was allegedly in charge of the prostitution, while other works in the prostitution ring allegedly performed other tasks like arranging advertising services.

The suspect was able to avoid a trial in Bergen County Superior Court in Hackensack, NJ by reached a plea agreement with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. The suspect has pleaded guilty to second degree facilitating human trafficking. When the suspect appears in court for official sentencing, she faces a potential sentence of six years in New Jersey State Prison.

For more information about this case, access the NJ.com article, “Woman Admits Trapping Missing Teen in ‘Life of Sexual Slavery.’”