Drug Possession Attorney in HackensackThe Hackensack cops accused of conducting an illegal search and seizure in a drug case could soon face criminal charges.

Seven officers with the Hackensack Police Department are already charged with multiple criminal offenses, including mishandling evidence and falsifying reports. The charges are related to an incident in which the cops allegedly entered a Hackensack NJ apartment despite lacking probable cause and not having a valid search warrant. The search reportedly led to the discovery of illegal drugs and the arrest of an apartment resident for drug possession.

If the police suspects are ultimately convicted, they could receive jail time. Moreover, it is possible that the suspects would be terminated from their jobs with the Hackensack Police Department.

It is important to note that the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office recently recommended that the cases be temporarily halted. That’s because the suspects were suspended by the Hackensack Police Department, a move that could compromise the criminal case against them.

For additional information about this case, read the NJ.com article, “Allegations Against 7 Cops Put Criminal Cases on Hold, Report Says.”