Police Arrest Man Accused of Recording Public Bathroom in Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Lyndhurst Child Pornography SuspectPolice in Lyndhurst, NJ recently arrested a man accused of trying to record someone in a public park restroom. The suspect, 38-year-old Raul Rodriguez, is from Jersey City and works as a grocery store clerk. Rodriguez reportedly went to Riverside County Park in Lyndhurst, walked into the restroom, and used his cell phone to record someone using the restroom. The Lyndhurst Police Department got a 911 call to report suspicious activity at the public park and sent police officers to the area. Lyndhurst cops were joined by officers with the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office as they investigated the situation.

Police soon found Rodriguez at the Lyndhurst park. Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office detectives then arrived at the scene to assist with the investigation. According to authorities, the investigation “revealed that Rodriguez used the camera on a smartphone to record and view an area of the men’s bathroom.” Rodriguez was placed under arrest and now faces charges for invasion of privacy.

New Jersey Child Pornography Charges and Penalties

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office stated that detectives found images of child pornography on Rodriguez’s cell phone. Bergen County Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal issued a statement indicating that Rodriguez’s phone had “sexually explicit images and/or videos of prepubescent children.” As a result of the investigation, Rodriguez was charged with possession of child pornography.

Possession of child pornography in New Jersey is a sex crime listed in the NJ Criminal Code and carries severe penalties. It is illegal for a person to knowingly receive, distribute, download, upload, promote, or traffic images or videos of minors having sex. N.J.S.A. 2C:24-4b(5)(b) stipulates that anyone found possessing films, photos, or computer files that depict a child engaged in prohibited sexual acts can be charged with a fourth degree felony. Additionally, prosecutors in Bergen County, NJ tend to aggressively prosecute child pornography cases because these crimes jeopardize the safety and welfare of children. An adult who is ultimately convicted of possessing child pornography in Bergen County Superior Court can potentially be sentenced to 18 months in NJ State Prison and fined $10,000.

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