Hackensack Man Struck by New Milford Truck Driver – and Then Cited for Jaywalking

Traffic Ticket Attorney Hackensack NJPedestrians in Bergen County, New Jersey should understand that they will receive tickets if they don’t pay attention while attempting to walk across the street. A Hackensack, NJ man was recently cited for jaywalking after being struck by a motor vehicle while trying to walk across a street in Hackensack, New Jersey. Daniel Gallagher, a 57-year-old Hackensack resident, was in the process of crossing South River Street, close to his home, when a pickup truck hit him. A number of witnesses dialed 911 to let the Hackensack Police Department know about the pedestrian accident. Police officers and paramedics rushed to the scene of the accident and took Gallagher to the trauma center at Hackensack University Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

Afterwards, Hackensack police made the decision to issue a traffic ticket to Gallagher for jaywalking. Hackensack Police Captain Brian Corcoran said that Gallagher did not obey local traffic laws when he walked across the road in the middle of the block instead of doing so at a nearby crosswalk or traffic light. Corcoran’s statement about the traffic accident indicated that people in Hackensack have to watch where they are going – including motorists driving cars and pedestrians walking on the side of the road.

Traffic Ticket Points in Hackensack, NJ

This case is a good example of the dangers posed to pedestrians in Hackensack, NJ when they fail to obey traffic laws. Gallagher’s alleged attempt to walk across the street away from a crosswalk is an act that many people take every day across Bergen County, New Jersey. Most of the time, the pedestrian does not get injured. However, in this case, Gallagher was struck by a car and sustained significant physical injuries. As a result, Hackensack police had no choice but to issue him a jaywalking citation. This could have happened to anyone – especially during the winter when roads are covered in snow and ice and motorists have a hard time slowing down and coming to a stop.

The motorist in the recent Hackensack pedestrian accident was not ticketed for his involvement in the crash. That’s because Hackensack law enforcement determined that he did not commit a moving violation, like speeding or reckless driving, before hitting the pedestrian. Beyond that, the motorist stayed at the scene of the crash until authorities arrived, so he was not charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

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You need to be careful when driving or walking in Hackensack, New Jersey. If you receive a ticket for a moving violation such as speeding or reckless driving, you could get points on your license that put your driving privileges in jeopardy. If you are ticketed, the skilled traffic lawyers at the Tormey Law Firm can help you fight the ticket and avoid penalties. Contact us anytime to schedule a free initial consultation.