PA Woman Accused of Causing DWI Crash in Mahwah, New Jersey

DWI Attorney Mahwah New JerseyA Pennsylvania woman has been charged with drunk driving after she allegedly caused an auto accident on a Mahwah highway. The DWI accident happened around 2:50 p.m. on Friday. The suspect in the DUI crash is 27-year-old Christine Ryan from Bartonsville in Pennsylvania. Officials said that she was driving a Chevy Malibu and headed north on Route 287 in Mahwah when she slammed into the rear of a Lincoln Navigator. The rear-end accident caused the Lincoln Navigator to strike the left guard rail.

A young child in the back seat of the Lincoln Navigator suffered “serious injuries” after being ejected from motor vehicle in the drunk driving accident. The victim, a 12-year-old, was taken via helicopter to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, NJ. Doctors at the medical facility treated the victim for the accident-related injuries. Neither Ryan nor the driver of the other motor vehicle were injured in the crash.

Felony Charges for DWI Accidents in New Jersey

New Jersey State Police troopers shut down part of the highway and investigated the car accident. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office later made the decision to file several charges against Ryan in connection with the crash, including charges for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and assault by auto. Ryan also faces charges for possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) because police allegedly found illegal narcotics in her motor vehicle.

Drunk driving charges in New Jersey are usually classified as a traffic violation, not a criminal offense. However, when the DWI offender caused an accident resulting in bodily injuries to another person, the drunk driver can be charged with a crime. In the recent Mahwah highway crash, Ryan was charged with assault by auto because the accident resulted in injuries to the young passenger in the other car.

According to authorities, Ryan was not supposed to be operating a car at the time of the DWI crash because her driver’s license had been suspended. That’s why Ryan also faces charges for driving while suspended, which could result in additional penalties such as an extended period of license suspension and fines.

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