Theft Attorneys in Garfield NJA Passaic, NJ woman and a Connecticut woman accused of robbing a bank in Garfield, New Jersey have been charged with federal crimes.

The robbery suspects are a 23-year-old woman from Passaic NJ and a 19-year-old woman from New Haven, CT. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the suspects walked into the Spencer Savings Bank in Garfield, NJ and posed as customers.

After asked a teller about opening a checking account, the suspects allegedly showed a handgun and threatened to shoot the worker unless she gave them cash. One of the suspects also allegedly stood guard over the bank manager during the theft crime.

After getting cash, the suspects reportedly ran out of the building and fled the scene.

Two weeks after the Garfield, NJ bank robbery, the suspects reportedly tried to rob a second bank in Teaneck, NJ. Police officers apprehended the women shortly after the robbery.

Now the suspects face federal robbery charges. If they are ultimately convicted on the charges, they could be sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

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Fair Lawn Assault AttorneysFair Lawn, NJ law enforcement is investigating a domestic violence assault incident at a residence located in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

The violent incident happened at around 2:30 a.m. The Fair Lawn Police Department got a 911 call about three women being attacked with a knife at the home.

When Fair Lawn police officers got to the scene, they found three women suffering from stabbing wounds. The victims were transported to an area hospital to receive urgent medical treatment for their injuries.

Fair Lawn, NJ detectives are currently investigating the attack. At this time, police have not released a whole lot of information about the violent crime because authorities have classified it as a domestic violence offense.

Depending on the outcome of the police investigation, the perpetrator could potentially face very serious criminal charges for aggravated assault and weapons offenses.

Additionally, the suspect would likely be subject to a temporary restraining order (TRO) because it was reportedly an act of domestic violence.

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Assault Charges in Westwood NJA Closter NJ man has been charged with assault after he reportedly attacked a teen during a youth football game in Westwood, New Jersey.

The violent incident allegedly happened at Ketler Field on the Westwood Middle School campus in Westwood, New Jersey.

The suspect is a 50-year-old man who lives in Closter in Bergen County, NJ. He allegedly got angry when his son was changed from the quarterback position in the middle of a flag football game.

The victim, a 16-year-old boy, is a volunteer coach for a team in the peewee football league. When he called for the suspect’s son to be taken out of the game, the suspect reportedly became so enraged that he put the underage coach in a chokehold.

Prosecutors later opted to file criminal charges against the suspect for simple assault and disorderly conduct.

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Sex Crime Attorney in Wallington NJA Wallington, New Jersey man recently pleaded guilty to charges of child pornography possession.

The suspect, a 66-year-old Wallington resident, was charged with the sex offense earlier this year after federal authorities investigated him. Members of the Newark division of Homeland Security Investigations reportedly discovered evidence that the suspect purchased online sex shows from people in the Philippines.

The suspect was placed under arrest and charged with receiving child pornography. Now the suspect has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to the charges. He recently made an appearance in U.S. District Court in Newark, NJ and formally entered his guilty plea.

Afterwards, the suspect posted a $125,000 bond and secured his release from prison. He will remain free until he returns to federal court in 2018 and is sentenced. At that time, he could face up to 20 years behind bars in a federal penitentiary. Additionally, the suspect will probably be required to register as a convicted sex offender under Megan’s Law.

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Fort Lee Fraud SuspectA Newark man has been charged with very serious crimes in Fort Lee, NJ for allegedly stealing $345,000 from clients of a real estate company.

The suspect is a 41-year-old resident of Newark, NJ. He reportedly owns and operates Live Realty, a realty company located in Fort Lee in Bergen County, New Jersey. According to Bergen County authorities, the suspect kept $345,000 in down payments made by his clients and then used the funds for his own personal expenses.

Five clients of the suspect’s real estate business contacted Fort Lee police to file complaints against the suspect for allegedly stealing their money.

The Fort Lee Police Department and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Financial Crimes Unit then worked together on a joint investigation into the alleged theft and fraud crimes. Investigators eventually determined that the suspect should be arrested and criminally charged. According to prosecutors, the suspect deposited the victims’ money into his own personal bank accounts rather than using the money to make authorized real estate purchases.

The suspect faces numerous criminal charges, including charges for failure to make lawful disposition of property received, theft by deception, and misconduct by a corporate official.

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Burglary Lawyers in Bergenfield NJPolice officers in Bergenfield, New Jersey recently arrested two men – a father and his son – on charges of burglary and elder abuse.

The suspects are a 61-year-old Bergenfield, NJ man and a 28-year-old Bergenfield, NJ man. The older suspect is reportedly the father of the younger suspect.

According to Bergenfield authorities, the suspects broke into a house located on Willow Street in Bergenfield, NJ. Law enforcement received a 911 call about the burglary and dispatched officers to the scene.

Police talked to the homeowner, who said that she returned home to see that her rear window had been smashed. Detectives found a blood trail starting at the shattered window and followed it to the backyard of the residence located next door.

Police reportedly found the two suspects inside the other house. Police also allegedly discovered jewelry and cash stolen from the victim’s home.

Detectives with the Bergenfield Police Department investigated further and reportedly learned that the suspects had abused an 84-year-old relative. According to officials, the suspects withheld “necessities” from the victim.

The suspects are charged with numerous crimes: burglary, theft of movable property, hindering apprehension, obstruction of justice, criminal mischief, and elder abuse.

After being arrested and processed, the suspects were remanded to the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack, New Jersey.

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DWI Lawyer in Bergen County NJA Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office worker may be subject to vehicular manslaughter charges for allegedly causing a fatal car crash in Hackensack, New Jersey.

The suspect is the maintenance superintendent with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office in Hackensack, NJ. According to law enforcement officials, he was operating a pick-up truck owned by Bergen County when he struck a pedestrian.

The fatal motor vehicle accident happened during the afternoon, around lunchtime, in the area of the Hackensack Liquor Store. The victim was reportedly leaving the liquor store and trying to walk through the parking lot when the suspect crashed into him. Officials indicated that the suspect made a left turn into the store parking lot and hit the pedestrian.

The accident victim required urgent medical attention. Tragically, doctors could not save his life.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, and the Hackensack Police Department worked together on the investigation into the fatal accident. However, the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office is now handling the investigation because authorities want to avoid any potential conflicts.

The manslaughter case has gotten media coverage for the police decision to not test the suspect for intoxication. A Bergen County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson initially said that testing for alcohol and drugs is standard procedure in fatal accidents, but the NJ State Police later stated that no such requirement exists.

Given that the suspect was not tested for intoxication, police did not charge him with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). However, the suspect could still face criminal charges for vehicular manslaughter.

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Hackensack NJ Marijuana LawyerBergen County prosecutors recently made the decision to dismiss charges in several drug offense cases due to allegations that Hackensack police conducted illegal searches and seizures.

The controversy revolves around seven officers with the Hackensack Police Department. The Hackensack NJ cops were slapped with suspensions after investigators determined that they illegally searched a suspect’s property in at least one case involving drug possession.

All but one of the suspects worked on the Hackensack Police Department Narcotics Unit, which meant that they often handled investigations and arrests in drug possession and drug distribution cases.

On December 28, 2016, the Hackensack NJ police officers were sent to an apartment on Prospect Avenue after authorities got a report of “narcotics activity.” The officers then allegedly searched the residence without either permission from the resident or probable cause for entering the apartment.

As a result of the allegations against the police officers, 17 defendants in criminal cases in Bergen County have now seen their drug crime charges dropped by prosecutors. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office stated that prosecutors would no longer pursue the charges because the officers who seized evidence in the cases were not credible.

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Englewood NJ Homicide LawyerThe defendant in an Englewood, New Jersey double homicide case was recently found not guilty after trial in Bergen County Superior Court.

The suspect is a 38-year-old man from Bergen County. He has been held in a county jail in Hackensack since January 2013 on criminal charges that he killed a woman and the five-year-old daughter they shared.

The two victims were found in their apartment on West Palisades Avenue in Englewood, NJ. The adult victim was stabbed 11 times and the child was suffocated with a bag. One day after the victims’ bodies were discovered, police arrested the suspect.

Investigators believed that the suspect committed the homicides. Family members of the adult victim said that the suspect previously committed acts of domestic violence against the victim.

The suspect faced numerous criminal charges, including charges for first degree murder, unlawful possession of a weapon, and hindering apprehension.

The suspect received multiple plea deals from the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, but he turned down the offers and maintained his innocence.

During the homicide trial, the jury saw a police interrogation video that showed the suspect telling police officers that he was innocent dozens of times.

The jury deliberated for less than two hours and ultimately found the defendant not guilty on all charges.

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Traffic Ticket Attorney in HackensackLaw enforcement is investigating after a custodian at a high school in Hackensack, NJ died in an auto accident in the school’s parking lot.

The tragic accident happened around 3:40 a.m. in the parking lot of Hackensack High School, which is located near East 18th Street and 4th Avenue in Hackensack, NJ.

According to officials, the victim was either the driver or the passenger in a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria that skidded off the road and crashed into at least five motor vehicles parked in the parking lot.

The 32-year-old victim, who worked as a custodian at the high school, sustained catastrophic injuries in the car accident and was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Another person inside the vehicle was transported to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey. He managed to survive his accident-related injuries.

Hackensack detectives are investigating the fatal car crash. It is unclear which of the two injured victims was driving the vehicle.

Depending on the outcome of the official police investigation, it is possible that traffic citations or even criminal charges could be filed in the case.

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