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Hackensack Man Accused of Firing Handgun, Crashing Stolen Car

Posted in Assault Offenses
Hackensack police recently arrested two individuals – a brother and a sister – in connection with a violent incident that reportedly involved a shooting and a car accident. The suspects are a 20-year-old man from Hackensack NJ and a 21-year-old woman from Hackensack, New Jersey. According to authorities, it was around 8:00 a.m. when the… Continue Reading

Saddle River NJ Nurse Allegedly Abused Disabled Patient

Posted in Assault Offenses
A Saddle River woman who was employed as a nurse now faces criminal charges for aggravated assault. The charges stem from multiple incidents in which she allegedly abused one of her patients. The suspect is a 64-year-old woman from Saddle River, NJ. She worked as a registered nurse and was hired to care for a… Continue Reading

Suspect in Hackensack Police Shooting Headed to Prison

Posted in Assault Offenses
A suspect accused of being a member of the Bloods gang was sentenced to two decades in New Jersey State Prison for shooting at cops in Hackensack, NJ. The suspect is a 25-year-old resident of Bergen County, NJ. According to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, the suspect was involved in a violent shootout with Hackensack… Continue Reading

North Bergen Halloween Party Gets Out of Control, Fairview Police Called to the Scene

Posted in Assault Offenses, Drug Crimes, Weapons Offenses
Police are looking into a major brawl at a Halloween party that was held at a North Bergen motorcycle club. The violent incident went down a short time before midnight. The North Bergen Police Department got a call about gunshots being fired near Mazzoni Place in North Bergen, New Jersey. When police officers showed up… Continue Reading

Man Allegedly Hit Boy, Charged with Aggravated Assault in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Posted in Assault Offenses, Family Offenses
Police recently apprehended a Fort Lee NJ man accused of assaulting a young child. According to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, the 48-year-old suspect held the boy down at a Fort Lee residence and beat him repeatedly. The Fort Lee Police Department received a 911 call from the suspect’s home, an apartment located on Linwood… Continue Reading

Police Investigate Assault, Possible Hate Crime in Ridgefield Park, NJ

Posted in Assault Offenses, Juvenile Offenses
Ridgefield Park NJ police are investigating an assault committed against a 14-year-old child on a village street. According to authorities, four suspects approached the victim and attacked him as he walked alone in a residential area in Ridgefield Park, NJ. The assault occurred after school ended for the day at 3:00 p.m. The victim later… Continue Reading

Lodi NJ Man Charged with Aggravated Assault, Accused of Swinging Swords During Fight

Posted in Assault Offenses, Weapons Offenses
Lodi New Jersey police arrested a man accused of swinging ninja-style swords during a domestic dispute with family members. According to authorities, the 22-year-old suspect got involved in a verbal altercation with family members at a home in Lodi, NJ. When the verbal dispute escalated and became physical, the suspect allegedly got ahold of a… Continue Reading

Parking Dispute in Lodi NJ Boils Over, Man Allegedly Brandishes Machete and Threatens Neighbor

Posted in Assault Offenses, Weapons Offenses
Police recently arrested a Lodi New Jersey man accused of brandishing a machete and threatening to harm his neighbor. According to authorities, the 48-year-old suspect got involved in a heated verbal altercation with one of his neighbors. The dispute reportedly arose over an argument about a car that was parked in the suspect’s driveway on… Continue Reading

Lodi NJ Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Hit One-Year-Old Child

Posted in Assault Offenses, Domestic Violence, DWI Offenses
Lodi NJ police recently arrested a man accused of striking his infant niece during a violent encounter with the girl’s mother. According to authorities, the 26-year-old Lodi New Jersey man got involved in a domestic dispute with his sister at a home located on Pasadena Avenue in Lodi, NJ. At some point the verbal altercation… Continue Reading

Paterson Man Charged with Aggravated Assault, Allegedly Attacked Officers at Ramsey Police Headquarters

Posted in Assault Offenses, Public Order Crimes
Ramsey NJ police recently arrested a Paterson man accused of violently attacking police officers. The Ramsey Police Department got an emergency call about an attack at Classic Auto Spa, which is located on Route 17 in Ramsey, New Jersey. According to witnesses at the scene, the 28-year-old suspect assaulted someone at the car wash while… Continue Reading

Garfield Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Threatened Person with Knife, Brick

Posted in Assault Offenses, Weapons Offenses
Garfield NJ police recently arrested a local man accused of using a brick and a knife to threaten another person. According to law enforcement, the 18-year-old Garfield man got into an altercation with the 28-year-old victim while standing near the intersection of Palisade Avenue and Monroe Street in Garfield, New Jersey. The suspect was reportedly… Continue Reading